Colourful Bookshelves

It is always interesting to visit new homes, when visiting clients, friends and family the furniture that attracts me the most is their bookcases and display collections. Theses artifacts reflect the personality of the homeowner, and not every two bookcases are the same!

My uncle was and still is a passionate collector of everything Tintin. When visiting as a child I remember his bookcase pertaining the entire Tintin collection of books plus figurines of all the characters, it was a very inspiring and colourful bookcase, which never grows old.

Here are a my favourite style of bookcases:


This is a very sleek and organised bookcase, “Sistema” by Beyond Furniture, Sydney.

Juniper Kezu

The Juniper Shelves is by designer Kenneth Cobonpue, great as a feature or a room divider  it can be sourced via Ke Zu Sydney


For the wine collector, this is a great way to show how display cabinet can be used as room divider, “Soleto” by Beyond Furniture.

Bookcase in a Family Room

Who hasn’t got an IKEA bookcase, this is the “EXPEDIT” storage, the pigeon holes system that are so handy to categorise books, toys, audio system..For me the best way to find the book I am looking for is to categorise them by themes, gardening, cooking, art, design, health, it’s my mini library!

Colourful Bookshelves

If you are into colour coding the content of your bookcase check Top3 by design in Sydney who has a wide range of ideas with great design.

If you have any questions on storage and display or are in search of bookcase and inspirations I am happy to answers and help with your enquiries. Please use the comment box below or contact me directly at

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